W.C. Beck

By March 28, 2017

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” A simple, yet profound statement that has become a favorite of Newton native Chris Beck. From his humble roots in small-town Newton, Beck has made a name for himself in the music world.

Beck, who now goes by W.C., fell in love with music at an early age. The Newton community offered countless opportunities to learn and experience music. Starting with piano and guitar lessons, and singing in the Newton Community Children’s Choir, he participated in orchestra and numerous ensembles at Newton High. When Beck graduated high school though, his passion for music was still more of a beloved hobby rather than a primary focus.

Graduating from college with majors in French and International Studies, his passion grew stronger until music became a major pursuit. Moving to Portland, releasing multiple albums, and touring around North America, Beck somehow found time to complete his master’s degree in French. Now living in New York City, he still manages to prioritize songwriting, recording and performing while growing his career using his language skills.

W.C. is now working on releasing his next album, First Flight. “A lot of the songs are about the tough transitions we all take when we start over, reinvent ourselves, or set out into the world to follow uncertain paths with the certainty that it’s the thing we need to do.” Collaborating with producers who have worked with many well-known musicians such as Phillip Glass, John Scofield, Beirut, Evanescence, and Boy George, Beck is excited to be able to share his new creation. He has launched a Kickstarter project to allow people to get involved in the album that he is calling his “strongest work as an artist.”

Beck attributes much of his current successes to his Newton upbringing. He loves to educate people he has met during his travels about the merits of growing up in a small, Midwest town. “The longer I have lived away from Newton, the more I realize and appreciate the unique environment that it provided for me and so many to be humble, hard-working, respectful, and globally-minded individuals.” Among the many things he loves about Newton, the big dreams of its citizens are what he loves most.

W.C. hopes his story will continue to influence others from his hometown to pursue big dreams, remind them they do have something to offer and that its never too late to be what they might have been.

To discover more, and to support his new album, visit his Kickstarter project.

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