Visivo Marketing Agency

By February 28, 2017

Newton is the land of dreamers. Whether dreaming to make it big or to make this small town thrive, there are dreams to spare. One of those dreams is thriving in the center of town on Main Street.

Visivo Marketing Agency started out in 2014 as a big idea in a small spare room. Eager to become a larger part of the Newton community, the business moved to downtown as it continued to grow. Working within the community, Visivo has helped other small, Newton businesses and organizations create a digital presence within the community.

Bringing creative, big-city ideas to the small town, Visivo has a passion for the people and businesses of Newton. Its owners chose to establish their modern business in the town that feels like home rather than pursue the possibility of more opportunities in the big city: “This small-town feel is one of Newton’s greatest assets,” Kevin Geraci, Visivo's Chief Strategy Officer says, “While many traditional downtowns have gone away, Newton has strong character and the potential to be a vibrant, progressive town.”

Visivo seeks to bridge the gap between the increasingly modern and technological world and the history and character that small-town Newton has to offer. Rather than adapt the small-town feel to the rise of technology, they use technology to boost and spread the identity of the town and its businesses.

Newton continues to grow as more and more dreams are realized and carried out in our town. As this growth takes place, Visivo wants to partner with those individuals and businesses to engage Newton in a new way. They want to band together with small, local businesses in the heart of our city to help Newton thrive like never before.

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Momentum is building and anticipation is growing to see more of Newton Reborn. Join the movement as we work together to see key pieces of our city revived, rebuilt and renewed. We see a renewed Fox Theatre as a catalyst for this Newton Reborn movement, fueling more life and growth in the heart of our downtown. Opportunities to participate directly are coming soon! Invite your friends and family along for the ride by sharing this and future Made in Newton stories with them.