The Druber’s Donut

By September 27, 2016

Is there anything more difficult than mustering the motivation needed to heave one’s self out of bed on a Saturday morning? For many, there’s nothing more daunting. The residents of Newton however, both past and present, tell of a legendary treat that creates a surplus of said motivation. Stories are told of throngs of people leaving bed and home to obtain one of these fabled goodies and all before the clock strikes 7AM! This storied item has come to be known as: The Druber’s Donut.

Newtonians are not the only people affected by Druber’s. People come from near and far to partake of a late-night snack or an early-morning feast. Standing in line stretching down the block, the wait is absolutely worth the reward. Moving closer to the door, one is greeted with a heavenly aroma, the smell of memories made combined with sweet, hand-crafted deliciousness. Following the scent leads to the counter, the climax of the mission.

There, in all their glory, are pinecones, fried rolls, squids, peanut butter twists, long-johns, and more. Even the glazed are an understated delicacy, with a small bag of holes being the favorite of adults and children alike. Choose one, or a dozen, regrets are never to be found.

Mouth now watering, grab your purchase and gather around a table or booth with closest friends or family and partake of fresh, tasty goodness.

On Friday nights at Druber’s, you’ll find high school friends playing cards at the coveted big table, a family buying donuts “for the morning,” that may or may not make it home in the box, or that group of retired men that always seem to be there. Saturday mornings are filled with folks in their pajamas (no judgment here), kids getting hopped up on sugar while their parents enjoy fresh coffee, and those same retired guys reading the morning’s paper. Whoever it is, you’re almost always guaranteed to see a familiar face.

Throughout the years, Druber’s has become a place for friends and family to gather. The donuts are fantastic and unmatched by those who have experienced them, but just as memorable are the relationships and memories made in the yellow booths and “spinny” stools. The new owners of Druber’s have been entrusted with the care of great expectations and experiences like these for all future Newtonians. What memories will the future hold for the beloved tissue-clad Donut?

The donuts, memories, and people of Druber’s have become an irreplaceable part of our city. A constant for over 40 years, Druber’s provides a place for Newtonians of all ages to come together and experience community around a perfectly fried and frosted treat. And that, my friends, is definitely worth getting out of bed for.

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