By November 9, 2016

Construction started late last year. They drilled down to bedrock to anchor the foundation. They poured the massive concrete structure. Soon, bricks were put into place with mortar. Wood floors, glass, carpet, furniture, and everything else under the sun went in. A beautifully designed building was born, adorned with its usual “Y” logo.

Upon walking into this newborn building, jaws tend to drop. Unique floor tile greets you almost as fast as the staff. On a typical Tuesday evening, there are kids from all over town learning to swim, to do a cartwheel, or to shoot a free-throw. There are multiple group classes every day. Don’t worry, natural rhythm isn’t required for Zumba. The equipment is Wi-Fi enabled with personal TV screens, so it’s basically from the Jetsons. After picking their jaws up off the ground, people realize that the Newton YMCA has something for the whole family.

The Newton community has been blessed with a gorgeous, state-of-the-art YMCA. The modern look and construction of the building is enough to draw the eye, much less everything else it has to offer. The brand-new facility boasts of top-of-the-line fitness equipment, two gymnasiums, an amazing drop-in childcare space, two much needed pools, three studios for group exercise, a large program space for kids, and much, much more. Truly, all that this new facility offers will fulfill a very large need in the community, however, the Y is bringing with it something beyond brick and mortar.

Look past all the physical qualities, all the tangible offerings. Yes, those things will bring about wonderful changes to our city and its people, but the Newton YMCA is bringing more than a fancy, futuristic swim and gym to our beloved city. It’s bringing possibilities, futures, relationships, and opportunities. It is bringing much needed life back to Newton.

The mission of the YMCA is to take the Christian principles on which it is founded and transform the lives of its community spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It does so by fostering an environment where these changes can take place.

It’s a place for kids to splash around and have their first swim lesson, for them to gain confidence, to make friends and relationships, to learn to play as a team, to learn a new life skill, to have a home away from home, to learn qualities like respect and responsibility. It’s a place to get healthy, to gain strength after surgery, a place to have fun. It’s a place where Newtonians can gather together and strengthen one another. That strengthening started long before the ground was ever broken.

Rumors about the Y coming to Newton swirled around town for quite some time. It’s going to be here, it’s going to look like this, it’s going to have this, do this, and so on. But, it took Newtonians banding together to bring it here. YMCAs, unlike some businesses, don’t just build wherever and hope people enjoy them. (Although, I don’t think we would turn away a Chipotle...) It takes a community recognizing a need, and raising the money to meet that need. Newton did just that. Newton recognized the need to bring life and transformation to its families, its citizens, to their relationships, and to the community. Newton, you made this blessing happen. Newton craves new life. The Newton YMCA is a step in the movement to bring life to the city brick by brick, one life at a time.

Momentum is building and anticipation is growing to see more of Newton Reborn. Join the movement as we work together to see key pieces of our city revived, rebuilt and renewed. We see a renewed Fox Theatre as a catalyst for this Newton Reborn movement, fueling more life and growth in the heart of our downtown. Opportunities to participate directly are coming soon! Invite your friends and family along for the ride by sharing this and future Made in Newton stories with them.