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There’s a tangible feeling in the air that Newton, Kansas is truly on the verge of experiencing its own renaissance. Join the movement, and together, let’s see Newton Reborn.

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We’re proud to call Newton home. Made In Newton features people, places, makers, risk-takers and doers in and from Newton. We hope to inspire, cultivate, attract, and fuel even more goodness in our home town.

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The Fox Reborn

The Fox Theatre currently stands as one of the most iconic, beloved and cherished buildings in downtown Newton. Yet, it’s been underutilized and crumbling for years. We see life happening at The Fox Theatre again! We see a revived, rebuilt and renewed Fox Theatre shining as a beacon in the center of our city, inspiring more growth, life, opportunities and further economic development.

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Momentum is building and anticipation is growing to see more of Newton Reborn. Join the movement as we work together to see key pieces of our city revived, rebuilt and renewed. We see a renewed Fox Theatre as a catalyst for this Newton Reborn movement, fueling more life and growth in the heart of our downtown. Opportunities to participate directly are coming soon! Stay connected by signing up to receive all things Newton Reborn in your inbox.

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